As bees work together to build their honeycomb and produce honey, students and educators also need to work together to produce a good learning environment and the sweet taste of knowledge.

As Busy Bees Child Development Center, We believe that encouraging thinking ability in different situations is a key to children’s success. To achieve this, we ensure that the center provides for a safe learning environment, with highly-qualified teachers and staff, to give children and their families the opportunity to gain experiences that will help them grow physically, cognitively, socially, emotionally, and morally.

We understand that all kids are different. Our teachers create routines and plans for lessons that would appeal to children coming from different backgrounds, developmental levels, and interests. We believe that a great way to learn is through experience. We provide opportunities to gain experiences by encouraging social interactions and play. We use open ended materials, and offer opportunities for exploration and encourage thinking, sharing, and acting on ideas for students to gain better understanding of things.

Lastly, we understand that children are individuals who are part of a community. in the center, encouraging autonomous thinking and decision-making is just as important as encouraging group problem solving and thinking about inter-relatedness.